Thursday, July 28

Recent Happenings.


          Last weekend we had a very rich and enjoyable time "camping". It wasn't really camping because we had a roof over our heads and electric lights. The whole idea of it is that it starts off as a father and son thing on Friday and then Saturday afternoon the wives and sisters show up and make it a family event. It is a time of fishing, campfires, swimming, games, and so on and so forth. There isn't any agenda really because that would just spoil it. There are good things that happen in this sort of setting. You can look HERE to see what has been happening in our lives this month. You will get to the camp out pictures toward the end of the album. Enjoy!!

Thursday, July 14

Quote of the Week

Clark, holding a newly emptied ice cream bucket: "Hey make sure you save this, I need it for when I change oil."
Me: "Honey, there's already three buckets out in the mini-storage for those jobs."
Slight pause then Clark with a smirk: "But it flows better if I have a new bucket."

Maybe you won't find it funny but I did.

Thursday, July 7

A Wedged Benny Bear In Great Tightness

I was washing dishes when he started fussing. I turned around and this is what I found.

Tuesday, July 5

Weekend in Pictures

This came rolling in Friday evening.  Thankfully only the edge caught us, it was much worse north-west of us.

Saturday we took the youth to Potato River Falls.

Then Sunday we headed for the North Shore. The lupines are blooming there right now. Brag alert ahead, I took this picture. :)

At the cabin. It was quiet and lovely. We needed the get away.

Grandma came up with us.

Benny and Grammy

Grandma telling Emily stories of when she was a girl.

It takes the whole family to build an outhouse.

Dad and Mom enjoying the fruit of their labors. I'll let mom show the pictures of the projects they did.

Mother and son  at the cook stove.

Mudding anyone? Unintentional that is.

Lots of wildflowers.

It was hot, so we went down to the shore for an hour to play. The water was COLD.

Mother & Son

Watched fireworks in Silver Bay. I was impressed with how nice a display it was for a small community.

On the way home, all tired out. He loved the cabin.
     Well, that was easier then writing a 12,000 word essay.  More pictures here and here. 
     Oh and know what happens when the Minnesota Government shuts down the state parks because of a lack of budget? Everyone just parks along the road and walks in to enjoy the park anyway. How does that help a budget crisis I wonder?