Wednesday, January 30

Winter Stuff

   We had a nice snow on Sunday, only the second real storm of the winter.  When we lived in PA the first six years of my life, snow always meant a snowman. I was quite puzzled the first winter we lived in WI and the first snow could not produce a snowman "because the snow is too dry," said my dad. Huh? Snow was wet, evidenced by the fact that it soaked your mittens.
   Yesterday the temperature was warm enough to make the snow perfect for creating a snowman. I figured we had better take advantage of the snow while it was the right consistency. We might not get another chance until March. Clark was working from home because the roads were slick. So I promised Benny that when Asher went down for a nap, he and I would go outside and make a snowman.
   And we did. It was lots of fun. I hardly ever get outside right now, with it being winter outside and a small baby inside. I haven't made a snowman in years. The funny part was that I was expecting the snowman to be about my height. I remember when snowmen used to be built over your head. It ended up rather smaller then I envisioned, but any bigger and I wouldn't have been able to lift the various sections. And it was way over Benny's head. The weird part was looking at Benny and suddenly realizing that I was building a snowman for my son. Son! When did this happen? I remember my mom playing in the snow with me, but she was, of course, lots older then I am now... Ha!
   It got cold last night, and so Mr. Snowman is likely going to be staring in my window most of the rest of the winter. I do hope I don't freak out some night when I'm walking through the house to mother hen my babies, as he turned out looking kind of creepy.
And here is a picture of the wee one. He's almost double his birth weight, which makes me super happy.
He's smart and intelligent and the greatest baby in the world of course. :)

Thursday, January 3

Picture Update

Here's a few pictures for those of you that are begging for some.
Asher at one month.

Brothers. Benny loves Asher to bits but it takes lots of diligence on my part to make sure Asher doesn't get annihilated.

"Oh makin' a cookie"
Eight weeks old
"Gwen and Benny. Singin' a song."  About 15 years from now they'll be really good.
With Grammy Graber
"Benny peek-a-boo"
   All captions in quotes are from Benny. Having two keeps me busy! We're finding a schedule I think finally. Asher has been a very good baby and sleeps well at night. And that's all from the Grabers!