Thursday, November 15

In the Bag

               I love the way God works things out. We needed a new bigger vehicle, and we didn't want a van. Old people drive vans. Besides I wanted 4x4 and towing. Through my research I decided to go for a jeep. Jeeps are tough. I looked and looked. Worried, fretted, and looked. The faithful old Grand Prix is beginning to sigh with age and it has just rolled over 300,000 miles. The tires up front are beginning to wear really funny. It is beginning to run rough on cold mornings, and the power windows are dying one by one.Such is the state of affairs with it. Oh, and we just had a baby and needed something much more reliable and a little more roomy. I actually lost some sleep over it. I would find a deal only to have it taken away at the last minute. By the way why do we do this to ourselves? Anyway last night I found an older Jeep with only 126,000 miles on craiglist, and it felt right. Still I could not help myself but look at a newer one today before I finally went and got this one. (Stupid me)
       It was a young man and his wife just like us. They were church going people with three children. I looked at the vehicle for about 15 min and decided it would stupid to leave with out it. When I shook his hand and told him my prayers had been answered, he indicated he felt the same way. Lo and behold he had been laying awake at night wishing it would sell. In retrospect I realize why all those other deals fell through and the cool part is we have money left in savings. God knows what He is doing even if we don't. He not only answered my prayers but answered the prayers of another in the process. Isn't that cool?!?!

I haven't found any rust on the paint.
.... Or Scratches for that matter.
 Anyway till later



Thursday, November 8

Asher James Graber

For all of those who wanted to see pictures.

The Details
Sucking his thumb or picking his nose. Not sure which.
So Peaceful
Introducing Brothers.
Big yawn.
So Tiny.
I hope to get a better hands picture than this.
I think it is another yawn.
In mommy's lap.
Get that camera out of my face, I want to eat!!
That is all for now!!