Thursday, March 31

Spring Fever

       Yes, I now have spring fever. My intent is to pass it on to you. Please look at the following pictures and reminisce  with me on what is was like when the grass was green and the weather was warm.

Remember the Robins we used to see?
Remember the daisies that would come up in the yard?
Remember what it was like to take walk in the woods and see green ferns?
How about taking a walk down the river?
We used to go canoeing too. Hmmm..... I wonder what that was like?
Ah!! Yes, the campfires. The sound of crackling flames and the lingering taste of a nice greasy burger washed down with some potato salad. Don't forget the root beer floats that came afterwards.
How about fresh veggies from the garden. Remember that?
You know if the snow would leave and the green grass would come, that would be just ducky with me.
If the following post has made you become frantic with a desire to be out side and doing those sorts of things mentioned above, then this post has fulfilled its duty and my job is done. 

Till later!!


Wednesday, March 30

At Our House...

We discovered how to do this!
Sort of young I'd say. Such a little midget.
     We got 12(!) inches of snow last week. Not a good feeling, especially after having had spring for a week or two. This woman ended up with a roaring case of cabin fever. My poor husband! He was good about it though. One of the guys from church is doing VS in KY right now, and his sister told me that he said the daffodils are blooming in masses along the road side there. NO FAIR!!
      But spring is coming. Today on the way to town it was nice and warm, and I opened the car window just a teeny bit. Yesterday I saw a sow and two, cute, puppy-sized cubs by the road. Where else but in the Northwoods are bears a sign of spring instead of robins? Though I did hear a robin before it snowed. But not since, so they must have headed south again. I can't wait until it's warm enough to take my kiddo outside.

Sunday, March 27

Just A Thought....

Why can't we 'can' the busy times to use during the boring times, and vice versa? I really need a few jars of busy right now.

Monday, March 21

From Our House

    We were/are having spring, but tomorrow a late storm is supposed to arrive. Winter is reluctent to let go of it's grip this year.We're supposed to get at least 8 in. of snow, and there is a blizzard warning north of us.
    We spent the weekend with my family. Benny enjoyed playing with another side of  aunts, uncles and grandparents. I wonder if children instinctively know and are comfortable with their grandparents, even if they don't see them terribly often. Both of my little brothers are taller then me now.
     Clark will likely work from home tomorrow, which will give me an opportunity to get a few things done and not have to keep an eye on Benny at the same time. I'm preparing my bathroom for a final painting blitz in the near future. I'm trying to paint straight stripes on crooked walls. Clark wants to know what I'm going to do if we level the house and then the walls will be straight and the stripes crooked.... So don't look very closely when you visit.
      Quote of the Week:
     I asked Clark what our plan is if the electricity fails during the storm, as we have no way of heating the house in that case. His reply, "We'll plug in the electric heaters and call them (Dad and Lance) to come get us." A 'mental slip of the fingers.'

Wednesday, March 9

My Baby...

 From This...
  ...To This...
...Six Short Months.
 Love That Kid!

Friday, March 4

As Time Goes On

     It's March. The days are warm(er). We are dreaming and scheming of home and yard improvement projects. A trip to Menards to window shop is planned. One of these days Clark and I will attempt to dig into the depths of the back room for the box of painting supplies (yes, it will take both of us!), and I will finish the bathroom project that got interrupted when I was pregnant with Bendick. Spring is always so full of the promise of life, and I get the ambition for projects.
     Benny has figured out how to explore his world. He doesn't go very far, or very fast, but he certainly gets around. He's been hinting that he'd like to try big people food, and I've been sort of ignoring him. I did order a food grinder that should be here next week.  I"m going to have a classic mommy moment now, and wonder why he couldn't stay little just a bit longer?
     I'm supposed to teach Nehemiah 6 for ladies Sunday School this coming Sunday. It's been interesting. I have a feeling that Nehemiah was perhaps one of those men we wouldn't get along with very well. He had a vision, and he pursued it, and he got it fulfilled.
     Oh and as a postscript to the last post, the next problem was coming home from Northern MN and discovering that our drain had frozen. In the process of thawing the drain, Clark discovered that our mobile home is in danger of slipping off it's foundation.  So, yet another project added to the to-do list. It's not anything dangerous yet, so we can hopefully wait for a nice warm day after the snow goes.
      And that's everything from our house for now. Have a good weekend everyone!