Friday, September 28

A Long Overdue Post

So our computer crashed and went to the repair shop. And we've had it back for a long time, but some how the blogging didn't happen. So here are few pictures of our summer.

  Father-Son Campout 
 Where big boys catch big fish,
 And little boys turn into fish.
A short work weekend at the cabin.
With time for friends too.
A picnic at a local park with the Grabers one lovely Sunday evening.

Family times in our yard. 
A weekend with the Hess family. And this is about the only people picture of that weekend. 

A little boy that celebrated his second birthday. Where did the time go?!

Youth night.
And lots of regular family life at home. This by the way is a "toot train". Lots of imagination going on. He inherited honestly from both of us I'm afraid.

And that's a really swift re-cap of our summer. Next I want to do a post on life in the last week.