Wednesday, February 23

In Everything...

     In the last two weeks, the furnace needed repairing, the fridge wouldn't keep things cold anymore, both cars went to the shop, Dru's card got sabotaged, the dryer wouldn't dry clothes, the one car was still spewing anti-freeze after it came home from the shop, and the bathroom sink drain needed fixing. I say all that to say that Clark was to preach this past Sunday (at our church, the lay members are sometimes asked to take a turn), and he spoke on praise. I told him that it seems the Lord likes to test us on what we speak about to see if we really mean it. At least that's how it is for me. Anyway, I had to giggle yesterday when he prayed at supper, "Please don't let anything go wrong for awhile now."  He said after prayer, " I'm just being really frank and honest with God. It's not like I think it's His fault, but I could do with a little peace for a time now." At least the repairs were all minor, and everything is working again.

Thursday, February 10

The More We Are Alike?

    I'm sitting at my table in the coziness of an evening after a prosperous day. Supper is cooking, the candles are lit, the house is tidy, the baby is mostly happy, and the music is playing. I'm listening to a Gaither Homecoming recording. I've just listened to Vestal Goodman singing "This Is What Heaven Means To Me" , and Larnelle Harris' redition of "Amen", and Lynda Randle belting out "God On The Mountain". If Gaither Vocal Band would have "Alpha and Omega" on this recording it couldn't get much better.
     This tells you something about how my music tastes have changed. When I first met Clark we had different tastes. I had no end of comments about his screeching tenors that he liked. Although we did go to a Legacy Five concert that I enjoyed. Someday we need to go to one again for memories sake. Just now I got goosebumps listening to Vestal belt out her song. That tells you how far I've come in my appreciation. I used to endure her singing.
     I've been re-reading old letters and chats from our dating days. Good memories. Funny memories. We look way younger (I'd insert a picture if I had one on this computer). I wonder what other tastes I will develop. Maybe someday I'll like peanut butter pie or something. Wouldn't that be shocking! But the last four and a half years have been good, really good. It's amazing what can happen in that amount of time though! I wonder what's going to happen in the next five years. 
     Anyway, just a few thoughts on a cold winters eve. Or morning now depending how you look at it. Have a good rest of the day.