Monday, March 22

Hi All,

I am back, but incidently I have not much to say, so I will just post some photos that I happened by and my new camera (Nikon DSLR) "happened" to be with me. (In my wife's words"New Toy".) For your information the "New Toy" was worth every penny and my relationship with the wife.......... is doing just fine. In the future, I probably won't always mention what camera I took them with, because 75% of the time it doesn't really matter. People take pictures and a good camera just makes it easier.

My favorite swamp.

OK, So it is a bit abstract, but you have admit the lighting was good.

A humble, dead, and rotting stump. You don't have to like this picture if you don't want to.

These guys are aggravating, they won't come around to the other side of the feeder and let me get a full view of them.

An old farm stead that I go by on the way to work. The sunlight was a bit harsh..... Blah......

Is that any better?

Last but not least, I like this one because is means spring is on the way. I can't wait!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

--Clark Graber--

Tuesday, March 16

Yes, I am still alive

Well I typed up a post a few weeks, or maybe a month ago, and never posted it. So I've deleted what I had written, except for the title, and we shall see if this epistle gets posted.

I missed most of winter this year due to the 'Egyptian flu'. I decided however, that if I had to pick a season to miss, I would choose winter. And as soon as I got to second trimester, I couldn't believe how much better I felt (I still have my bad days though). I am having fun feeling ambitious again. Sewing, gardening, shopping, house cleaning and organizing, painting (maybe), all that is on my agenda for the summer. And maybe I will squeeze in a little scrap booking. ( My man bought me a Cricut cartridge for my birthday, and I haven't gotten to use it yet. I've heard others are enjoying it though!) Somehow my summer is starting to morph into busyness like it always does, but I like it that way. I am glad I decided not to clean this summer though.

Our snow is mostly gone. Spring came in a hurry this year, although I am sure we are in for more cold weather and maybe even a snowstorm yet! I always love spring, esp. warm windy days like we had the last two days. I had the window open today while I was working on some projects, and the breeze and smell was wonderful! One of these evenings we need to walk down to the river, although it won't be tonight I know. My man won't be home in time. I'm really looking forward to my flower garden, and I'm contemplating planting blueberries, but I haven't decided if I'm brave enough for that or not. I came to the realization that our yard full of poplar trees aren't going to last forever, and maybe we need to start thinking about planting some other kinds as well. I'm also getting the itch to go fishing, although that won't happen for quite a few weeks yet. The lakes still have ice on them!

I cut out a dress today, and please wish me well as I sew it. I have no clue how it's going to turn out. One minute I think it's way too big, and the next I'm sure it's too small. Why can't someone make a nice, decent, easy pattern? I bought one that looks like it would make a very nice tent or something. Sigh! I got some material today that I had ordered, and I like it, so that made me happy. I think I should have other people buy me fabric, I like what they buy me better then I like what I buy me sometimes. Both moms got me a piece or two recently when they had opportunity to be at a fabric place, and while I wouldn't have picked out what they got for me if I had been the one shopping, I really like what they got me. Does that make sense?

Anyway, that's what I can think of for now. Hopefully I can be more regular at updates after this. We shall see I suppose. My man should be home soon, and supper will be ready. We are having meatloaf, potatoes and carrots. He doesn't like cooked carrots, so I get to eat them myself!

Saturday, March 13

March Thaw or Spring Proper?

Coming to you from a foggy, damp, and rainy northern Wisconsin. I am some what reluctant to classify this as spring proper; that probably has to do with my past experience. It always seems that we have this thaw and then suddenly, like a wounded lion, winter hurls one last mighty snow storm. So we shall see. For now we will deal with the side effects of 12" of snow melting and a week of never ceasing rain.
One of the most inconvenient side effects for me, is our drive. Our main parking area turns into a very muddy and watery sort of place. I thought maybe I had planted our car in the midst of it the other day, but with a little more acceleration and gentle rocking it came out. It really wasn't that serious, but the ruts I left would have said other wise. So today I had some spare time and thought maybe if I punctured a hole through the frost it would drain. I think maybe it worked but can't be sure. Imagine a grown man in rubber boots out playing in the mud puddles.
Anyway until next time.
--Clark Graber--
P.S. If this is in fact spring proper, it is just ducky with me!!

Monday, March 8

Paths & Life

My mind went to how our lives are like roads & paths.

God may give us a glimpse far into the future and give us a reason to travel.

Many corners and turns come on the way.

Making the next bend in the road a mystery.

Maybe even a little cold comes our way.

Do you let rough weather stop you?

Maybe you can't see very far ahead.

I won't leave out the pleasant places!!

Don't forget to bring a map!!
Psalm 119:105 "Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path. "
Proverbs 3:6 "In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths. "
Matthew 28:20 "......... and lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the World. "

Thanks for reading!!
--Clark Graber--

Thursday, March 4

Just A Few Odds & Ends
Hi folks,
I am about to try and bring life back into a seemingly forgotten blog. I do not have a lot to say. So, without too much ado and pontification on pointless humdrum, I will just post some humble photos that happened to present them selves; and I happened to be there at the same time they were. So now I get to share them with you.

Ok so this one is photo shopped just to bring out the fading red glow of sunlight. No, it is not a mountain, it is just a simple sand pile. I went by the same area again and met up with the next three photos.

Anyway I have been looking for an orange sunlight on snow. That is the closest I have come so far. Two more pictures from last weekend with a brief explanation and I must sign off soon.

The hands are around the handle of a milling machine thingy. Picture was taken at an event our friends put on. Basically it is a display of the colonial times and how they did things. This was the miller of course.

Last but not least. Ethan and I went down to the beach to have a look around. The sunlight was somewhat harsh so I decided to turn this one B&W for the fun of it. Well, I have to go now, seeing that I have others things to do.

Thanks for stopping by!!

--Clark Graber--