Wednesday, October 28

A Few Pictures

Here are a few pictures that we (well, Clark mostly) have taken over the last few weeks.

Frosty Quietness

End of Summer

Whisper of Fall

Sylvan Glow


Nature's Carpet

Autumn Majesty

Wednesday, October 21

Disappearing Socks

When I was a girl, I remember my mom getting frustrated about us taking our socks off outside, and then leaving them to lay where ever they were cast off. And of course, we never remembered where we had left them. So a day or a week, month, sometimes a whole season would pass, and then mom would find soggy, gross socks in the lawn, or in some remote corner of the buildings or fields. Usually they were beyond the point of return. "No wonder you never have any socks," she would scold. (My siblings are more guilty of this then I am... ahem...)
Anyway, I grew up and got married. Several weeks ago, after I did laundry, I discovered that my husband had only about three pairs of socks. I couldn't figure it out, because he had just bought a whole new pack of socks shortly before that. I asked him what happened to all his socks. He didn't know, but he had just bought a new pack, and he couldn't be out of socks that fast. Maybe the pack of socks had somehow gotten shoved under the bed, or stashed in the closet. I checked, but no see 'em. Was he taking his socks off in the car on the way home from work, and leaving them there? No, he didn't think so. Well. I wasn't so sure. Saturday we were working around the house, and he undertook to clean out his car. (I'm not allowed to clean out that car, which is more then fine with me!) Yes, well, soon a husband with a funny look on his face came to me and said " Um, there's a pile of socks I put on the bedroom floor..." And had they been found in the car? Yes. Aha! Now we know. And today after the laundry was folded, there was a nice pile of socks in his drawer. I even found a pair of what I am assuming are my brother-in-laws socks. How they got in the car I have no idea.
I guess socks are never cured of disappearing.

Saturday, October 17

The Blog That Should Have Been, And Other Things

I was digging through some old writings of mine today, and decided that I should have started this blog several years ago, when I lived at home yet. I have a collection of writings that I did for fun, just as if I would have had a blog. So, as I was digging through those files, and laughing my head off, I thought, "It's too bad I didn't do this three years ago, when I actually had something to write about"

Anyway, I think I will dig through some of those, polish them up, protect the innocent and guilty, and then share them with you all. Maybe I should just let all my writings ripen for two or three years, they might be better with age.

Another topic: Practice what you preach?

I went up to the hospital the other day for a test. When I walked in, there was this sign on the window, If you have symptoms of the flu, cough, fever, sneezing, etc. please ask for a mask at the front desk. And there were a few people sitting there that were wearing masks. Well, so I went back to where I was going, and both technicans had the cough and sniffles. Hmmmm. I guess if I didn't have the flu before, I might certainly get it now.

Once upon a time...

There was a black bear. He wasn't too little, and he wasn't too big, he was just right. He wanted to go shopping, and you can read the rest of the story here.

Monday, October 12

A Divided State of Mind

We woke up Fri. morning to this. Evidently winter decided to send a 'practice' run. When I was a little girl, I always thought the weather had to 'practice' a few times before it snowed for real to stay all winter. But I have never before seen snow on green, yellow and red leaves. It was actually a very pretty picture along the river and lakes this morning. Only, I didn't have the camera with me. And it's just not right somehow.
My mind can't decide whether it's fall or winter. There are two distinct auras that go with each season, and having them mixed is not working.
Fall is colored leaves... rustling dry corn... orange pumpkins... blue skies... crisp yellow mornings... woodsmoke... red apples... turkey and pie... Thanksgiving..., all these say Fall.
The first snow says Wintertime! Christmas is almost here... carols... hot chocolate... gingerbread... green pines covered in white... red candles... sticky pine cones... a snapping fire... cinnamon rolls... angels telling the humble shepherds of the Child in the manger.
So, with colored leaves on the green grass in my lawn, and white snow clinging in the pine trees at the same time, well, somehow it's messing with my mind. I can't do both, it's just not meant to be that way!
Ah, well...

Friday, October 9

For the First Time

And so we shall see how this works...

Testing... testing... testing...