Wednesday, August 31

PS to the last post....

The trial is off, meaning no jury duty for me. Praise the Lord!! And there are 13 pints of salsa in my kitchen. Benny still has a slight fever, but I can deal with that I think.

Why I Haven't Posted In Awhile; Or My Complicated Life.

   See this was the month of August. The month I ran so fast I could hardly catch my breath. This week seems to be the capstone of living in a whirlwind.
  So, I got a jury summons in the mail two weeks ago. I need to appear this week. They wouldn't excuse me for being a SAHM and nursing a baby. I guess they figured an 11 month-old can survive without mommy for a day. Which I suppose is a reasonable expectation, but not for an 11 month-old that views big people food as an experiment. So, the complications of who to take care of him, and how and where. At this point it looks like it's going to have to be his Daddy. Because last Friday morning when Clark went to leave for work, his car refused to start. Which after some digging and testing and talking to others, he decided is a fuel pump problem. So, no car for me. Which means I have no way to get to the courthouse. And I refuse to go on public transportation. But, Clark needs to take off work so I can do my stupid jury thing. Which feels ridiculous to me, because I know that when I get in there, they'll likely kick me off anyway for religious conviction, and hopefully personal responsibilities. Which means I blow half a day for them to tell me what they could have just told me in the first place, without me having to go in there.
    Then last night Benny woke up with a fever. Today was the day I had slated to make salsa. I cannot make salsa and take care of a sick baby. And somehow sick babies and Daddy taking care of him while Mommy is in the courthouse don't seem to mix in my mind. The logistics of making everything work look impossible. Unless he wakes up from his nap and feels better; then I can go ahead with the salsa plan.
    Now, several weeks ago, before all this happened, Mom asked me to teach ladies SS. We're starting the book of James. So I had that added to my pile, but I really wanted to do it. Of course, the first four verses deal with having a calm cheerfulness while surrounded by trials. So we can become patient which makes us perfect. Why do we always get to put our learning into practice? And the next four verses deal with asking God for wisdom and being double minded. And I get to practice that too, because I have been praying really really hard that the trial gets settled out of court, so I don't have to mess up my life and someone else's and appear at the court house. Though the question I want to have answered is are those verses dealing just with asking for wisdom? Or is it for all of prayer life? And see I'm posting this before I know whether or not I have to go in tomorrow. I find out this eve. But I thought perhaps it would have more punch if I do it while I'm still in wondering and waiting mode. Because if I don't have to go in, then I can have this nice, pat story to put in here. And if I have to go in, well, then I have lots of questions, and disappointment, and likely I wouldn't put those on here. Though in the end I'm sure it would work out for the good anyway, and maybe there would still be a nice, pat story.
    So those are my thoughts for the day. Sometime soon hopefully, if and when life lets us breath again, we can do a post on our camping and Andrea's wedding.

Monday, August 8

Link to Video In Last Post.

Here is the link to the video that was posted in the last post. For some reason Blogger kept breaking the link to the one I had posted on my last post.

Friday, August 5


     This is going to be a random post. I'm sitting on the couch eating chips and taco dip. My house is clean. I gave it a lick and a promise too many times during the last month, and Monday morning a poor frog went hopping across the living room floor, covered in lint and wound about with hair. We rescued him, and released him to the outside world, and he hopped away so I assume he survived. I have absolutely no clue how he got inside. But I decided it was high time to do a deep clean.
     We've had two camp outs and one wedding so far this summer, and one campout and one wedding to go before the end of August. I told Clark today that I want to pack to go somewhere and all I have to take is my clothing. No food, no bedding, no towels, no camping gear, no fishing gear, etc. But it will all be fun and we've always survived so far.
     We attended a really sweet wedding last Sat. The bride has been suffering from Chronic Lyme disease for almost a year I think. Or maybe longer. But the groom stuck with her through it, and they are very happy. It was good to be reminded about love and commitment, and to see it in real life. Just because everything is fine and good and happy when you get married, doesn't mean that something bad won't happen after you are married. 
     The small man of the house is doing well. He still doesn't have very much interest in eating real food. I guess someday he will get hungry. This week he decided that he'd rather try to feed himself. Which consists of pushing food around his tray with a spoon. Or dropping it on the floor. But definitely not more then a few pieces in the mouth. Clark accidentally captured him doing this last night, and I'm uploading it for my mom to see. Oh and Clark wants you to know that he's not swearing on the end, he's saying, "I got that on video! I can't believe I got that on video!". Clark was playing with the video setting, and Benny decided randomly to practice his walking.Edit: Here is a link for the video.
      Well that's a small update on our lives. I hope you all are having a good summer as well.