Wednesday, October 31

Things I Am Going To Do When I Get Big (and other stuff)

  1. Be the head chef at the hospital. I will cook good food from scratch. None of this boxed, canned junk. Yuck! After all, the patients are supposed to be recovering.
  2. Have an interior design business. Because I think it would be fun.
  3. Have a fabric store in our local town that sells a variety of nice, pretty, wearable stuff that all generations would like. And you won't have to pay an arm and leg for it either.
  4. Have a clothing store. With nice good quality clothing for all ages that's pretty. And reasonably priced. (I had a rather unsuccessful shopping trip (s), can you tell?)
 o 5. Have a coffee shop with pretty decor, quiet soothing music, and private little corners and booths. I'll serve cheesecakes and other dainties (Affordable pricing of course. I will not charge you $5 for a tiny, little bowl of soup.) Oh and I will have a parking lot!
  6. Have a quiet little corner somewhere in my house that's all mine! Coffee and reading and thinking and writing to take place there. This is likely the only one on the list that will happen someday.  :)

   In other news, we are on countdown. It's hard to believe we're in sight of the end. Yay! I've forgotten all about being up and nights and the dead tiredness, and stuff; I just want this baby OUT to look at and hold. Ah well, reality will strike soon.Nesting has been very bad the last several weeks. Poor Clark was afraid he would come home some evening to find the living room disarrayed and half painted. Fortunately I firmly told myself if I could feel like doing something big and ambitious like that, I could do something more practical like clean a corner.
  Benny is doing all the normal two year old stuff. He has no clue how soon or how badly his little world is going to turn upside down. It's not going to hurt him either. After a few weeks of horrible grouches and bad behavior I took him off milk again. Seems he does fine with cheese, yogurt, butter, and with milk in foods. He can even have milk in his cold cereal or muffins. Just not sippy cups full.
   And that's more or less our life right now. We are shopping for a vehicle but so far haven't met with success. If one vehicle leaves you sitting beside the road on a test drive, and another needs to have the battery charged before you can test drive it, well, let's just say you know for sure you don't want those. 
   And that's our life right now.  Very likely the next post will happen when there is a family announcement to make. :)