Tuesday, November 29


Cabin atmosphere
      I was sitting in my house Saturday evening after we got home from the cabin when something suddenly occurred to me. I realized I had the same feeling about being home that I had had at the cabin all weekend. Which got me to thinking about atmosphere and what kind we create. And maybe part of my feeling at home in either place has to do with my MIL and I having a similar style at decorating. But anyway...
    The other week Clark and I were on a date and went to eat out at Perkins. Now, the walls were painted a cozy color, and the decorating was nice, and even the lighting was nice. But, the music was jazzy and the two TV's on the wall certainly did not help. Atmosphere? Yes, I suppose. What I want when I'm on a date with my man? Nope.

    I like clean and uncluttered, but still homey (as in perhaps knowing it's clean under the clutter). It helps my state of mind. When the kitchen is piled with dishes, I do not get the feeling of a peaceful atmosphere. Right now, neither the laundry corner, nor the chest of drawers in my bedroom give me the impression of an uncluttered state of mind. And the back room certainly doesn't give anyone the impression of peaceful and uncluttered.
     But I think that atmosphere can also rise above environment. On Sat. eve. the table was piled with odds and ends, and the floor was covered with books and toys. Yet there was still a warm and cozy and peaceful atmosphere. I think that the attitude we show in our homemaking, is a reflection of our internal life. If I am content inside, my home likely will reflect that. If there is turmoil or busyness, my home often reflects that as well.  On the flip side, I can have ever so cozy and homey of an environment, and if there is disagreement and bickering, the atmosphere is decidedly not peaceful.
   What kind of atmosphere are we women creating in our homes? A place of peace and rest at the end of the day? Or constant hustle and bustle and busyness?

Wednesday, November 23

And I am Thankful...

     For LIFE...and health. We had a close call with a semi last night.  I don't like to think about it, what could have happened. I think Clark and I would have come out ok, but not sure about Benny. And I'm doubly thankful for my men today.
     For Salvation...and those who are taking the gospel to others. To all of you that are working with the kids on the Reservation, keep going. You are doing a good work.
     For family. We love you all and have great times together. And to our parents for raising us. Clark and I are often amazed the the similarities in our up-bringing. I'm afraid our kids are going to be raised the same way we were. :)
     For church family. We love you dearly.
     For a messy house, it's warm and it's home. For dirty dishes, we have plenty of food to eat. For dirty laundry, we have plenty of warm clothes to wear.
     For a little boy that is wanting attention. It means he has a mommy and they love each other.

Thursday, November 10

For My Mom

...And anyone else that cares.

     This is post-hair cut. This was a week or so after, so it had grown out a little. And it's grown out even more now, so I'm happier with it then I was at first. Cutting the hair of a very active one year old is an interesting feat, I knew i had about five or less minutes before he'd be tired of the project. I think I did it in about three minutes, and it looked like it!
     This week was one of those tough mothering weeks. His very stubborn side tooth was bothering him again. I hope that THIS time it comes all the way through. And then he got a head cold as well. So for about four nights I was getting  up every hour or so. And that was with Tylenol. Last night he slept better, as in only getting up every 2-3 hours. And he's happier and eating again this morning. So I'm hopeful that we're over that hump. I had to wonder yesterday, how I ever did it when he was newborn and nights like that were a fact of life. It seemed much harder this time around.
     And I wanted to paint my whole bathroom this week. Ha!
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