Saturday, April 23

A Quote That Inspired Me This Week

You say, 'If I had a little more, I should be very satisfied.' 
You make a mistake. 
If you are not content with what you have, 
you would not be satisfied if it were doubled. 
--Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Saw this on another blog early this week, and loved it. How true!

Thursday, April 21

The Late Great Bathroom Project

     So, after my moan here, Benny adjusted his sleeping schedule, and I got my bathroom done.
     Before. As in, a long time ago, like when we moved in. It was ugly, trust me. At least the flooring was new.

     I started painting it a long time ago, then the project was stuffed while I did baby and other things. A few weeks ago I waded in again. Origanally I was going to paint a dark green strip around the top and put up a wildlife border. Then I saw a picture online that gave me another inspiration. The bathroom is small, and I wanted to make it look bigger. So now we have...

And I really like it, I think. (Sorry about the picture quality.)
     It's still bare-bones, there's a few pretties to add yet. I'm planning to have a wildlife/north-woods theme. I'm hoping to find some figurines, bear, moose, loon, etc. I can't decide if I like the green shower curtain though. Might have to replace that.  And I'm going to find a curtain for the window instead of those silly shades. But having the painting done feels really good. My next painting project is likely going to be Bendick's room. I've been looking online for ideas. And then there's my bedroom, the main bathroom, and the living room walls, most likely in that order. Since I average a painting project every year and a half... well, you do the math. By the time I am finished, we'll move, and I can start again!

 Quote Of The Week:
       Clark, after he spent about four hours in the backroom: "We have too much stuff!! All we need is table and chairs, food, the clothes on our backs, and our Bibles. Everything else can go!!"

Tuesday, April 12

It's Spring!

    The last two days have been lovely!! Benny and I enjoyed being outside. Benny discovered that dried leaves are fun to crush, but not so fun to eat. :)  I cleaned out my flower bed and took note of what survived the winter and my gardening abilities. Afterward I sat down with a Jungs Seed magazine and did some more dreaming and scheming. I think this year I'll add butterfly bush and hollyhocks. I also want to try morning glory again. Last year they never came up, but last year was a dud year for gardening, at least for me. Today I planned to rake leaves off my lawn, but I discovered the rake is still solidly frozen in a cake of ice in the shed. I'm afraid the grass might grow before the rake is freed.
     I'm ready to tackle spring cleaning and organizing. It quite overwhelming to think about though. But it's going to feel good when I'm done and stuff is organized and unnecessary stuff is thrown away. Then I can go buy more stuff....hopefully NOT.
     Speaking of buying stuff, we went to a thrift store in a town about 45 minutes from here. It was a fun store, and I found quite a few treasures. One of which was an old rocking horse. His mane and tail need some help, and he needs a few coats of finish, but it's good and solid. I knew it was one of those things I'd kick myself for the rest of my life if I didn't get it. And Clark didn't think there was much question about whether or not to leave it there.  Someday perhaps I'll show you a picture of it.
     Tonight we are going to have hamburgers for supper. That will be a nice spring time treat. Clark also talked about starting on our back room. I think we've finally figured out how to turn it into a bed/storage area that's going to be workable and look nice.
     Another thought, it struck me when I was reading Genesis 1 this week, that God created heaven. I guess I always thought that He lived in heaven, and stooped to coming to earth. But nope, He created heaven too, on the second day. Wonder why we don't really hear about it. And it makes God seem way bigger, if he has to stoop to even fit in heaven, let alone earth.
     That's my thought for the day. Enjoy spring!!

Monday, April 4

Rainy Monday

Hello Folks,
           Let me set some things straight before we start. #1 I am sick. #2 It is Monday. #3 I went outside and there was nothing to take pictures of. Just to prove it I am going to post some.

A dead leaf lies lifelessly on the cold snow.
A dead what ever it is.......  Poking its scraggly head up against the dismal landscape.
How about some old worn out pine needles?
How depressing.

My wife says she likes this one. I am not sure yet.
Oh, and did I say there are mud puddles every where. Just mud and....... Hey!! Do see what I see? Let me show you.
Ah yes!! If you work  hard enough and keep your eyes open.....
You just may actually see something worth keeping.
It is photos like this one that make it all better.
Peek a boo with daddy. 

        I am sorry I am not trying to be cruel like the the last post. Hopefully the bottom pictures are happy ones and don't leave you feeling too depressed.

Till Later!!


P.S. All the drab weather outside just means that spring is on the way!