Monday, July 26


...has been busy!!! I'm hoping that we're slowing down a little, but some days I look at the calendar and wonder!  I'm going to try to sum up our last month. Each subject should be a blog post of it's own but that's not going to happen.
     The last month has been  a whirlwind of activity for us. Dru and Lisl came home on rather short notice for a two month visit. We are enjoying having them here, and playing with their little guy. He's a lot of fun.
      We went camping with the Grabers again this summer. It was the best year we've had yet I think. Except for little fish and big mosquitoes.  It wasn't long enough as usual. Some one asked me once, "Do you really have as much fun camping as you make it sound?" Yup, we sure do. I guess you have to like camping to enjoy it though. And it is a lot of work and planning before hand. The babies did very well camping, which was impressive I thought.
     Melinda and Austin got married July 17'th. I was involved with the bridal shower and other odds and ends. They had a very nice wedding (Aren't all weddings nice?).Between the two of us only having parts of our brains working,  Melinda and I did manage to freeze the guys boutonnieres. There were a few moments of panic when we discovered it 5 hours later, but fortunately there were more roses at the local grocery store. Monica, Abbey and Frances made them up during rehearsal and saved the day. I felt bad cause it was partly my fault, and wished I could have helped, but arranging flowers is not one of my talents. I think everything else went off without any major glitches. Mel, in two years we'll look back and laugh at that incident. :)
     Summer is whizzing by. It's been warm and we're having decent amounts of rain this year. We've had the AC running more this year then any other so far. My garden and flowerbed are wimpy for some reason. I think I need to compost it really good this fall and see if that helps. It also doesn't help that some of my trees got taller since we moved in, and so there is more shade. I want to get a few canoeing and fishing trips in before my fishing days come to an end this season. Not sure if it's going to happen or not.
     Pregnancy is going well. Though in the last week I can tell I'm not as energetic. I've had a very normal pregnancy, but whenever I hear of someone losing their baby, or having one come early, I've been thankful for how normal mine has been. So far I have locked myself out of the house three times. I also forget every now and then that I have extra poundage on my front, and try to run. It hasn't worked very well, especially when the grass is wet. I've only get six weeks or so left. Wow! That's scary!!
     Clark has a 'new' work car. I was making derogatory comments about his other car, it wasn't safe, no matter how loudly he insisted it was. So when we saw a little car for sale for a very reasonable price, I insisted he check it out. Neither of us has repented of buying the new one yet. I hope we don't have occasion to. The old one is rusting in peace on the back lots at Dads. So far there has been one person that has stopped and inquired about buying it for parts, amazingly enough. I didn't realize how bad of a feeling I had about it until we got the new one. Clark has admitted to me since that the old one really wasn't safe after all.
     I hope this has given you a glimpse into our lives. Someday I will learn how to write interesting posts, maybe.

Thursday, July 15

Camping & Other


      Yup, we are still around. It seems our summer has filled to the brim and is overflowing, so much so that time for such thing as blogging gets pushed off. I don't necessarily begrudge the business though, with exception to robbing me of my time with the wife and God. Interesting how "legitimate" business gets in the way of those things that really matter. The Graber camping trip was a great breather in one sense, in another sense it lent to the overall rat race. Oh well, I enjoyed it.
      Camping went really well for the most part. The only things that could have gone better would be catching bigger fish and not having to move due to noisy neighbors. Not that they were any more of a source of noise than we were but it was the nature of their racket that was a bit distasteful. We did some fishing, hiking, made yummy food, and took pictures. I also got a date or two in with my wife. Pictures of camping are here.

Till later!!