Thursday, January 3

Picture Update

Here's a few pictures for those of you that are begging for some.
Asher at one month.

Brothers. Benny loves Asher to bits but it takes lots of diligence on my part to make sure Asher doesn't get annihilated.

"Oh makin' a cookie"
Eight weeks old
"Gwen and Benny. Singin' a song."  About 15 years from now they'll be really good.
With Grammy Graber
"Benny peek-a-boo"
   All captions in quotes are from Benny. Having two keeps me busy! We're finding a schedule I think finally. Asher has been a very good baby and sleeps well at night. And that's all from the Grabers!


  1. He looks like your family, Charlotte, on the first picture and then one wonders if you changed out babies on a few of the next pictures, or what? Love his big open mouthed smile.

  2. I miss not getting to see my nieces and nephews grow up. Your kiddos look like keepers to me!