Friday, October 11

Dusting This Poor Blogspot Off.

   Well here I be. No, we didn't drop off the face of the earth. We just lived this summer, but I'm not sure what we did. Cleaned house and made meals and washed dishes and took care of babies. I suppose the least I can do is update pictures of the kiddos for faraway family.

This is the baby. Or rather, the toddler. He is walking all over the place at the tender age of 11 months. And he hasn't a tooth in his head. He loves the outdoors. And he loves food. Which makes me happy since my first born wasn't an eater. He's also just pretty sure he's part of the family, and that his opinion counts too, thank you very much!

This is the three year old. Three year-olds are a lot of fun, you should have them first. He also is quite sure he's part of the family. He never stops moving. He is starting to have an imagination, which is good until night time. He likes stories and coloring. He makes us laugh at stuff he comes up with.
Benny told me today that I need to hold "two, squishy, wittle boys." These two are very precious. Remind me of that on days that I christen them 'Bawl' and 'Chain'. Sometimes they play nicely together, and other times...They don't! They keep me on my toes, and sometimes at the end of a harrowing day, I look in the mirror expecting about a quarter inch of gray at the roots of my hair.
The Grabers, ed.2013


  1. I wuv those two squishy wittle boys!

  2. I would love to hold those two squishy wittle boys!

  3. Ok, frame-able copies please.