Monday, March 11

Pictures (Again)

For those near and far that want to see the kiddos again, here you are.

 We attempted a small photo shoot yesterday.
 Asher James, 4 months old.
 He hitched himself over the floor to me this morning. Seriously!
 Trying to get a good one of the brothers. Ha.
 Clark would say, " One, Two, Three!" and I would quickly pull my hands back. After we would snap a picture, Benny would have to get the wiggles out
 Outside cooling off one cold snowy day.
 I love this one. Why does it have to be impromptu?
Asher and his father as a baby years ago. Resemblance much?

    In other news, we are more then ready for spring at this house. Mom and toddler are going slightly crazy. Only a few more weeks, I tell myself. Clark is on temporary lay off from work, so he's been home the last few weeks. So we've had lots of good family times, but we're ready to get back to normal. There's lots of house projects that we would love to work on, but we can't exactly spend the money to do them. Very frustrating, not?

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  1. A whole batch of nice boys, I'd say. I can see the resemblance easily. That's amazing.