Friday, April 19

Why Hello

This blog has been silent for awhile. Mostly because of my busy life taking care of the babies. But also because I have switched my tech gadget to an Android tablet. Which is really cool, especially for a mom. Most of my life is on this silly gadget. Bible, lists, books, online stuff, music, you name it, I hold it in my hand most likely. But it wasn't very handy for blogging, until April told me about the BlogIt app. Which I am currently trying. So far so good. It is the 19'th of April. And this was the view outside of my kitchen window this morning.
Yeah, I can't believe it either. Four inches worth. We are absolutely going crazy for spring here. I told Clark the other day that he needs to invent walls that can change color. You know, like right now I would have woodsy green walls , or perhaps tropical colors. But this summer I could have tan or white walls. The boys have this annoying habit of waking up with the sun. Like if I get to sleep until 6:30 am, I feel like I had a good night. The other morning they were up at 5:30. Both of them. Seriously! This morning I did get to sleep until 7:30, thanks to Clark watching Benny, and Asher sleeping in. If they can wake at the crack of dawn now, they can do so when they are teenagers. Har har. Clark is back to work after a two month layoff. That is good, but the boys and I need to figure out how to do daily life by our selves again. The late spring is not helping. And now I shall go see what can be accomplished by me during naptime.

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